About us


HausTierService Foster was founded in August 2013 by Mr. and Mrs. Foster. The impetus for this idea came from the difficulty of ensuring that our own animals were well housed. Pets are more than just animals you own. They are friends, comrades, comforters, playmates and family members. They provide warmth, security, trust and the feeling of being needed. Years of experience in the area of ​​dogs, cats and small animals as well as horses laid the foundation for the company.

For the first nine months, customers were only looked after directly by the Foster family in Duisburg and the surrounding area. Only later were the areas of care gradually expanded by competent employees. The focus was on the mobile care of all animals kept in the house. Since 2015, this has also included looking after stable and pasture animals.

Service is very important to us. We always strive to take every wish into account and respond individually to each animal. All of our employees, supervisors and partners work according to a specially designed principle so that everything will work the same even if they are represented.

Internal and external training has been taking place for all employees since 2015. We are constantly training ourselves and will certainly be able to further expand our service for our customers in the future. In order to realize this, we decided to offer the company as a franchise in 2016. This makes it possible to offer services in new areas without losing service or contact with the customer. The respective franchisee is closer to the customer and can therefore better respond to individual wishes. Since January 2022, we have also had independent carers who are available to provide support in all areas and can also act as substitutes in an emergency. Under “Locations” we have listed all partners, supervisors and employees according to their respective federal states and locations.

We have been working with the Oberhausen Animal Welfare Association since the beginning, are active as members, and Mr. Foster has been elected Deputy Chairman of the Board since November 2021.
Our goal is to ensure competent, conscientious, flexible and, above all, trustworthy animal care. And all of this with love and understanding, based on the motto “well cared for all around”.

We look forward to your inquiry.